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It’s been awhile…

But my life is amazing. Finally got rid of the toxic feelings of what I tried to tell myself was “love” and moved on to newer and better feelings.

Who knew.

It was some real fairytale-moral of the story-everything happens for a reason shit. 


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And just like that my college experience is over. Now I can tell my kids about how I pierced my nose on a whim freshman year with my best friends. How I joined a sorority. About the times I’d skip 8 AM classes to go to concerts and Fraternity parties in other cities. Showing them my fake ID from “back in the day”. Tell them about when I went to my first rave and took my first long road trip alone. About that one spring break I went to South Padre & made the mistake of falling in love. About the crazy roommates I had and the memories we made. The friendships and relationships that were made and broken. All while working towards that $100,000 piece of paper. It was all so worth it and I’m going to miss all the best friends I made from a roadrunner to a longhorn! 😭🎓🎉👯💃❤️#BirdsUp! _m/ #HookEm! \m/ #UTSA #UT #beepbeep #isthatwhatroadrunnerssay? #moo? #college #classof2014 #novel @yuchhhiii @tashatucker @pattayjay @hangalangg @kateemowrey @katarinanicole5 @tplanee @meganalysha14 @rchavez47 @hectorvides @embracejayce (at The University of Texas at Austin)


Future husband, lets live here pls


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